About Us

Who is the Hemophilia Alliance of Orange County?

The Hemophilia Alliance of Orange County (HAOC) is a nonprofit organization, supporting the bleeding disorders community in Orange County and the Inland Empire.

We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of individuals and families affected by Hemophilia, von Willebrand disease and other inherited bleeding disorders by creating programs and services that provide education, emotional support and advocacy.

Who do we serve and why?

HAOC serves families and individuals affected by bleeding disorders throughout Orange County and the Inland Empire and its surrounding areas.  

As parents of a young son with severe hemophilia A, we saw a need for increased programs, support and outreach in the OC and IE. We believe it is important to provide a local community for individuals and families affected by bleeding disorders.

We serve because we know that individuals with bleeding disorders can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical costs, and live with the reality that there is currently no cure. As an organization started by parents of a young son with hemophilia, we understand just how challenging bleeding disorders are for both patients and their families. We also understand how helpful it can be to connect with others in a similar situation, as we share and learn from one another.

How can you help?

Our work at HAOC would not be possible without the generous support of our donors as well as the time, dedication and commitment of our board members, staff and volunteers.

Though we have a wonderful support base, we are continually in need of volunteers, event patrons and financial support in order to best fulfill our mission and serve the bleeding disorders community.

 Any donation, no matter the amount, makes an impactful difference in supporting our cause!

 Funding through events, grants, and individual and corporate donations will support:

  • Educational Meetings / Seminars
  • Scholarships to College

  • Mentor Programs / Support Groups

  • Camp Scholarships

  • Research

Through fundraising for research, education and community engagement, we strive to bring an end to all bleeding disorders and associated suffering.

Please join with us today to help change history and bring an end to bleeding disorders.

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We aim to build a strong network of families, allies and researchers to support those affected by bleeding disorders.  We strive to provide an inclusive, supportive culture to help each other through life’s challenges, develop programs to meet needs, and share stories.

If you would like to join our community, please check out the 'Get Involved' section of our website or contact us at info@haoc.org or (714) 699-9567.


Bleeding disorders present unique challenges and needs for those affected. We aim to not only educate those we serve but also the outside community, thereby increasing awareness, depth of understanding, and gaining an even greater level of support for our cause.