Daryle Palmer Bio

Daryle has been intimately involved with people with Hemophilia and the Hemophiliac Community since her birth. As the younger sister, aunt, and mother of men with Hemophilia, Daryle has watched the progression of the disease from hospitalization and treatment with whole blood transfusions, to the discovery and use of factor concentrate, and now to the use of prophylactic treatment. While living through these many changes, she watched amazing people develop perseverance, resilience, and the capacity to live full lives.

In her professional life, as an educator, she has had the privilege of working with families who faced many different challenges. Her goal was always to help the family/student develop the fortitude to design their own path to becoming self-reliant, successful adults. Today, she continues to work with Foster Children by advocating for their educational rights.  Additionally, she works with families facing what can be the confusing maze of Special Education.

There is a direct correlation between patients and their families gaining greater understanding of their disorder and the ability to effectively manage it. Effective management leads to feelings of empowerment and control that reinforce healthy life styles, resulting in positive health outcomes.